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Legal Project Management Training

Legal Project Management

Legal Project Management empowers lawyers and clients, enhances the relationship and improves outcomes.

Utilising legal project management is best practice in the conduct of legal work and is integral to "keeping the price".  Informed Purchasers require demonstrable project management expertise in RFPs and Tenders.  The Legal Profession Uniform Law regulating NSW and Victorian lawyers has a clear project management focus, requiring lawyers to explain to clients the options regarding conduct of matter.  England requires judicial approval of litigation project plans and cost budgets.

We are experts in providing Legal Project Management training to both lawyers and clients.  As lawyers with extensive practice experience, we understand what aspects of traditional project management can be applied in legal work, where the pitfalls are and how LPM can be incorporated easily into day to day practice.

Our training is highly interactive - you won't spend your time listening to us talk and reading powerpoint slides, because you learn best by working through practical examples.  That is our focus.

Given the nature of the training, it is best conducted in smaller groups, and with specific practice groups, although we have conducted whole of firm workshops.  We also recommend that all levels of lawyers undertake the training, particularly those with the responsibility for the hands on, day to day work.  This is often senior associates and 3-4 year lawyers, rather than partners.

Our best recommendations come from those we have worked with in providing legal project management training:

"Very relevant to critical issues in my day to day work"

"Raised excellent issues, valuable possible direction"

"Practical – good discussion”

“Very interactive and able to address issues raised”

“Great ideas”

“Great broad range of thinking”